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Crystal Lake was constructed in 1931 to power Crystal Lake Mills producing organic corn meal and flour.  Later,  in 1935, the company began producing brooms.  Needing more electricity, the dam on Crystal Lake was converted to produce clean carbon free hydroelectric power.
           Crystal Lake Mills 1935                         Our first product               Crystal Lake dam under construction
Green Manufacturing begins with green ingredients.
                                Recycled Cotton Waste    Reclaimed Wood Waste     Renewable Broomcorn
Long before environmmental responsibility became common, Crystal Lake's founders understood not only the ecological benefit, but also the economic benefit of recycling. 
Not only is cotton a renewable resource, Crystal Lake uses only recycled textile mill and gin waste in its cotton mop yarns.
Today Crystal Lake blends those same ingredients with recylced polyester bottle caps to produce the high-performance Eco-2 line, our lowest priced looped end mop heads. 
Eco- 2 = Ecology + Economy!
Most Crystal Lake handles are manufactured from reclaimed wood or recycled steel.
Boards unsuitable for construction or other purposes are ripped into squares around defects such as knots & splits, salvaging most of the board.  These squares are rounded into the familiar round dowels we use in our products.  Quality is never comprimised, yet otherwise unusable wood is reclaimed.